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Full Spectrum Paint Color Collection

Newton Lights has a portfolio of over one hundred colors blended with Benjamin Moore paint bases and tints.  Each color, including the whites, contains the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue; and the three secondary colors, green, orange and violet, plus, in some instances, red and/or yellow oxide.  The company is named after Isaac Newton who demonstrated that white light is the combination of all the colors of the rainbow.

Full spectrum colors replicate the phenomena of colors in nature which are not absolute but are a combination of hues which change over the course of the day.  The incorporation of the full palette of prismatic pigments into paint colors generates greater dimension and resonance in response to the different wavelengths of the sun.  Moreover the colors have a greater ability to complement natural materials, such as stone, and wood as their array of hues are correspondingly contained within the paint mixture.  As a consequence the juxtaposition of material and paint animate each others innate vitality.  Newton compared the colors in the color wheel to the seven notes in the musical scale as he understood color is an issue of harmonies.

Black, gray or brown are not used as they absorb light whereas prismatic tints reflect light.  Gray, beige and tan is blended with complementary and/or split complementary pigments.  Paint colors can be created by adapting existing ones or by blending new ones to meet requirements of the client.

Newton’s Lights colors have been used by David Jameson, named AIA Young Architect in 2004, and whose subsequence work as been given both national and local AIA awards.

Newton’s Lights colors and wall design were featured in the lobby of the Washington, D.C. Design Center in November 2006 as a complement to DeZahra’s columns of Gallo Antico, the variegated umber and rose marble used as the interior skin and décor of the Roman Pantheon. 

Karen Lukinson, Founder of Newton’s Lights, is available for consultation on particular projects, including those to stage public spaces.





Washington Design Center Lobby

November 2006



Jacob’s Pillow and Henlopen Brown


Composed of prismatic and oxide tints

and without brown colorants.


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